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On The Far Side of Nowhere by PaulStrealer On The Far Side of Nowhere :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 1 6 Lemmie tell ya a story by PaulStrealer Lemmie tell ya a story :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 2 3 (Don't fear the) Reaper by PaulStrealer (Don't fear the) Reaper :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 3 6
A ride and A Conversation
The sun beat down upon the dark blue van as they sat there. A rare cloudless day, as if God had a sense of timing. The man in the passenger seat passed a bunch of grapes back to another, seated on the floor of the van, legs hanging out the open panel door, who takes a handful and then passes the bunch back.
"We should come back here in ten years" says the man in the passenger seat, before popping another grape into his mouth. He puts his feet up on the dashboard and spits out a seed.
"Hm? Why's that?" through a mouthful of grapes as the younger man stares out at the sky over the buildings.
"So we can drink the wine from the grapes that grow from the seeds of these" almost a chuckle, but a humorless one. He shuts his door with a thud, followed by another from the sliding panel slamming shut as the van lurches into motion. "From a song...figured it sounded meaningful and appropriate"
The van is warm and muggy, despite the windows rolled down as both the passenger and driver smoke their c
:iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 0 2
Bored. With gas masks. by PaulStrealer Bored. With gas masks. :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 0 11 The Infidel - Gahendra Shorty by PaulStrealer The Infidel - Gahendra Shorty :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 3 8 The Infidel by PaulStrealer The Infidel :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 0 5 Project Bullpup Mosin by PaulStrealer Project Bullpup Mosin :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 4 11 Bullpup Mosin WIP 2 by PaulStrealer Bullpup Mosin WIP 2 :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 0 4 WIP: Bullpup Mosin by PaulStrealer WIP: Bullpup Mosin :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 3 6
For Science
In a workshop deep within the bowels of a secret research facility, a gas burner lights and holds steady under a sealed vessel. His eyes never leave the temperature readout for the liquid inside. When it hits 214F the man dials the torch down to maintain it at that temperature as he watches a second gauge, this one measuring pressure inside the vessel, rise.
As it ticks upward, he waits until it reaches 15 PSI. When it reaches pressure, he opens a valve at the top of the container and watches the liquid flow up through glass pipe under pressure. His eyes follow the liquid until it enters a second vessel, this one glass. The liquid stalls there, saturating a fine, compacted particulate layer and then flows through slowly, out the bottom. The temperature readout for the second vessel is holding at 210F. As it flows through, he smiles and after a few seconds, closes the valve.
He slowly takes a sip of the best coffee man has ever made
:iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 3 3
Mosin ergo stock - on rifle by PaulStrealer Mosin ergo stock - on rifle :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 9 9 Wooden practice knife by PaulStrealer Wooden practice knife :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 1 3 Mosin ergo stock - Left by PaulStrealer Mosin ergo stock - Left :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 1 0 Custom Mosin ergonomic stock by PaulStrealer Custom Mosin ergonomic stock :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 1 11 Engaging an enemy bookcase by PaulStrealer Engaging an enemy bookcase :iconpaulstrealer:PaulStrealer 0 9




We never sleep
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United States
Donations of coffee, ammunition and machine tools gladly accepted.

Current Residence: Time stream
Favourite genre of music: Outlaw Country
Operating System: Damn Small Linux
Shell of choice: Bash
Personal Quote: I'm the one who's gonna die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the
So, it's been ages since I was last on here, something on the order of a year and change, even longer since I was actually active. This may or may not change, as life will go however.

It's been a long time, and I've done a whole mess of stuff in the meanwhile. When you all last saw me, I was living up in vermont, with my ex's mom and husband (loooong story), working on their quasi-farm. Short version of the long story why I'm not there anymore has to do with said ex's mom, ex's useless and marginally evil older brother, and some law enforcement involvement. I found out I was evicted while I was out of town visiting a friend, and never did get a chance to recover any of my things, leaving me with even less than I'd had when I was a literal hobo back in 2012. Out of the goodness of his heart, he let me crash at his pad for a couple days til I could unfuck myself.

Which I promptly did. I found work in the state my girlfriend lives in and moved down. Split rent with a couple friends of hers for a while while I washed dishes at a cafe for a couple months, then found a better job (I am now a butcher). Our lease ran out, so I found myself a place I can afford by myself; a nice little hole in the wall not far from the tracks and close to work, and am now steadily rebuilding, with a lot of lessons learned along the way.

Such as:

Never work for "room and board" anywhere. You'll get screwed, probably gt taken for money too, and the entire time "but we feed you" will be held over your head, while at the same time you're left with pretty much no comfortable way to leave. You get stuck and taken advantage of, so just don't do it.
Greyhound is a pretty lousy way to travel, but it'll get you there. Hitchhiking is better and cleaner.
Never drink the fountain drinks in the Columbus, OH greyhound bus terminal. They will leave you violently ill.
Restaurant work is hard, but it's a job.
Working as a meat cutter is less hard, and basically getting paid to work out all day, especially when you're the new guy and have to break down the load.
Union dues suck, but some unions actually aren't /too/ terrible, it's still a new loss for the money though.
You will acclimate to the cold to the point where anything above 50F becomes uncomfortable, but you can walk home at midnight in 20F weather in a wet polo shirt and khakis.
Walking to work in 30deg weather with raging, bloody bronchitis and a high fever sucks, no matter how acclimated to the cold you get.
Some time in your life someone will come along to make all the travel, suck, overtime hours, etc. worth it. Find them and never let them go.


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